How to Curb Dog Chasing

Learn how to keep a dog from chasing.

Some dogs don't do it at all while some seem to chase anything that moves, including other animals, cars, and people. Often, whether a dog chases things has to do with their breed and what that breed initially did for a "living."

Herding dogs and hunting dogs are often more inclined to have an issue with chasing than other breeds.

Chasing Can Be Dangerous for Dogs

Dogs that have a high drive to chase may risk death or serious injury. Chasing cars, of course, can be disastrous, but chasing people or other animals can also lead to accidents, retribution, and fight wounds.

If your dog chases things, you'll need to be diligent about keeping her safe.

Can You Teach a Dog Not to Chase?

The chase reflex can be so strong in some dogs that it may feel virtually impossible to curb. Still, the more training and redirection you engage in regularly, the less likely your dog will be to engage in chasing. Here's what you can do:

Always Be Prepared

If your dog is prone to chasing things, even as you work on training, you must be prepared for her to run off. She should always be on a leash when you're not in a safe area.

Avoid anything that triggers your dog's chase reflex.

If your dog does get away from you and is chasing something, use a pleasant voice and your whistle to get her to come back. Avoid yelling and negative tones, and never punish her when she gets back to you. That will only make her less likely to respond in the future.

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