How to Stop a Dog from Digging

Digging is natural behavior for dogs.

As anyone with a dog that digs holes in their yard can attest, it can be a frustrating problem that's difficult to resolve. Some dogs just seem to love to dig, and it has many of us upset over the loss of expensive, time-consuming landscaping. How can you keep your dog from digging?

Why Do Dogs Dig?

There are many reasons dogs may dig holes. Determining the cause will help you to form a plan to deter the digging habit.

How to Keep Dogs from Digging

Dogs may dig holes for comfort or shelter.

Once you have an idea of why your dog is digging holes in your yard, you can formulate a plan to encourage him to stop.

Never punish your dog for digging holes. His digging has a specific cause, and it can be dissuaded through positive reinforcement of the behavior that you want to see. Also, any attention, even negative, may serve to reinforce the behavior if the dog is digging out of boredom or lack of interaction.

If your dog is digging to create shelter from the cold, heat, rain, or to try and find water:

If your dog is digging to escape:

If your dog is digging due to separation anxiety:

If your dog is digging for entertainment, to catch prey, or to bury and rebury treasures:

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