Car Sickness in Dogs

Car sickness in dogs can decrease everyone's enjoyment of car rides.

Dogs and car rides. They seem to go together like bees and honey. There are times when it can be stressful to take dogs for car rides, though, and chief among these is when your dog has car sickness. It's no fun for you to clean up the car, and it must not be any fun for your dog to feel sick, either. What can be done about car sickness in dogs?

Causes of Car Sickness in Dogs

It helps to understand the common causes of car sickness in dogs before you attempt to help your dog with hers.

Tips for Decreasing Car Sickness in Dogs

Now that you know some of the common causes of car sickness in dogs, it will be easier to formulate a plan for combatting it. Below are some tips for helping your dog with her car sickness:

Never give medications to your dog without discussing it with your veterinarian first. Many human medications are toxic to dogs or need different doses than humans take.

Using the above tips can have you and your dog enjoying car rides together, free from sickness and stress.

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