DOGTV: A Great Way to Help Dogs That Are Home Alone All Day

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Many dogs spend a large portion of their day alone while their owners are at work or school. There are many problems that can arise in dogs secondary to being home alone for long periods of time.

Negative Effects of Too Much Alone Time on Dogs

Separation anxiety in dogs can be lessened with DOGTV.

DOGTV and How It Can Help

DOGTV is a channel exclusively devoted to providing television for dogs. It was developed with the help of the country's leading dog behaviorists and experts. Vast amounts of research on dogs was tapped to create DOGTV's programming. The shows are broken down into three categories as follows:

DOGTV is an exciting development in the treatment of separation anxiety in dogs.

How is DOGTV Different from Regular TV?

All three types of programming on DOGTV are provided using up-to-date research on canine sight, hearing, and behavior. This means that the presentation of the television shows is optimized for the maximum enjoyment of a dog.

The three types of programming are also arranged and presented to your dog in a way that provides him with the best daily rhythm. He will be calm and resting sometimes and playful and stimulated other times.

A Great Way to Provide Help and Company for Your Dog While You're Away

DOGTV is really a terrific way to provide your dog with many of the benefits that you would supply yourself if you were able to stay home all of the time. In this way, you can help avoid and possibly treat some of the negative effects of too much alone time on your dog. Separation anxiety is one of the leading causes of euthanasia in dogs because it can be frustrating to come home to a ruined house.

While some dogs may need additional treatment for their separation anxiety, and you should never stop any medication that has been previously prescribed by your veterinarian, DOGTV can go a long way toward ending the nightmare of separation anxiety and reducing the other negative effects of large amounts of alone time in dogs.

Let your dog start enjoying all of the benefits of DOGTV today! Sign up for as little as $7 per month, and feel better knowing that your dog has company while you're away.

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