How to Get Dog Urine out of Carpet

Dog urine in carpeting can be a frustrating problem.

If you have dogs long enough and you have carpet, it will probably happen to you: dog urine on the carpet. Maybe your puppy isn't fully house-trained yet. It could be that your older dog has developed urinary incontinence. Your perfectly well-mannered, trained dog might get a urinary tract infection that causes her to be unable to stop herself from having accidents. Your geriatric dog may have joint pain that makes it difficult to adopt the proper stance for urinating outdoors, and she may hold it until it spills out. Whatever the reason for the accident, it leaves you with a problem: how to get dog urine out of carpet.

How to Find Dog Urine in Carpet

It may be obvious where the urine spot on your carpet is, but sometimes you can smell it and not see it. You have to find it before you can clean it, but how do you do that?

How to Clean a New Dog Urine Spot

If you have found a spot of dog urine that is still wet, you can clean it using the following steps:

How to Clean an Old Dog Urine Spot

If you have an old urine spot that you have already tried to clean with chemicals or cleaners, you must first remove all of the previous cleaners before the stain can be treated.

General Tips for Cleaning Dog Urine out of Carpet

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