How Long Do Dogs Live?

Dogs don’t live as long as humans.

Dogs don't live as long as humans, and that is a source of heartache for every dog-lover. When you get a puppy, it feels like you'll have a long time to enjoy her, but it always seems like only a blink of an eye before she's gone.

How long do dogs live?

Bigger Dogs Generally Have Shorter Lifespans

Usually, the larger the dog breed, the shorter the average lifespan. This is the opposite of what occurs in many other species. For example, whales are huge, and they can live for upwards of 100 years. Scientists are still trying to determine why dogs don't follow this trend.

Average lifespans for differing sized dogs are as follows:

Some breeds within these general groups may have average lifespans which are longer or shorter than the other averages for that size.

Of course, these lifespans are just averages, and dogs may live much longer or shorter than those times depending on individual health.

How Can I Help My Dog Live Longer?

Here are some general ways to ensure that your dog is as healthy as possible so that you can enjoy the most time together:

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