Is Pumpkin Good for Dogs?

Most dogs are quite food-oriented and love to be given some "people food" from time to time. We must be cautious when giving human foods to our dogs because they can cause gastrointestinal irritation or even be toxic. However, one human food with surprising health benefits for dogs is pumpkin.

Potential Benefits of Pumpkin for Dogs

How to Feed Pumpkin to Dogs

Don't feed:

What to feed:

How Much Pumpkin to Feed Your Dog

Most dogs find pumpkin highly palatable.

At every step of the process of introducing pumpkin into your dog's diet, be mindful of the activity of the GI tract and the firmness and frequency of the stools.

How to Preserve Pumpkin

It is often thought that more of a good thing is better. In this case, that isn't true. Too much pumpkin can result in destabilization of the GI tract. Pumpkin is a natural laxative. Remember to check with your veterinarian and err on the side of caution: start with less, and work up the amount as needed. Ensure that your dog always has plenty of fresh, clean water.

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