Can Eating Cat Litter Box Contents Make My Dog Fat?

Can eating cat litter box contents make your dog fat?

Have you ever heard the term "kitty roca"? It's a cute way to talk about the contents of the litter box that some dogs just can't help themselves from eating as a snack.

While comparing it to a type of chocolate treat might make it more palatable to discuss, most dog owners agree that the habit of consuming kitty roca is disgusting (who wants a doggie kiss after that?)

But some owners wonder whether it could actually be negatively impacting their dog's health.

Will My Dog Become Overweight By Eating Kitty Roca?

If your dog struggles with maintaining an optimum weight, could his litter box raiding habit be derailing your efforts to get him to lose weight?

While your dog isn't likely to become overweight from eating kitty roca, an already overweight dog may have more trouble losing weight if raiding the litter box is a consistent habit.

Other Concerns for Dogs Eating Litter Box Contents

Beyond the weight issue, there are several other concerns with dogs eating kitty roca that might be even more pressing:

How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Kitty Roca

We can all agree that eating kitty roca is a bad habit for our dogs. But how can you get yours to give up his "treat"?

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