Are Rawhides OK for Dogs?

Learn about rawhides and whether they’re safe for dogs.

Rawhides are a popular thing that people like to give their dogs for treats or, sometimes, to keep them busy while the owner does other things. But rawhides can be dangerous, so it's essential that you follow certain guidelines if you give them to your dog.

What Is Rawhide?

Rawhide is made from dried animal skins. The skins come from leftovers from the leather industry and are treated in salt brines and lime before being pressed into rawhide treats.

Tips for Giving a Dog Rawhides

When considering rawhides for your dog, keep the following rules in mind:

Rawhide Alternatives

There are lots of alternative treats and chew toys to rawhide. Nylon chew toys can be useful for avid chewers and are safer if you choose the right size.

Toys that you can stuff with treats or peanut butter can be good alternatives for dogs that like to have a taste of something when they chew.

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