How to Make Canned Food into Treats for Your Dog

Learn how to make crispy dog treats from canned food.

When a dog is placed on a prescription diet by a veterinarian, one question that often comes up is "What about treats?" For some conditions, it's so important that the dog receives no food other than the prescribed diet that treats from the store aren't an option.

Fortunately, we have a tip that might help.

Use the Canned Form of the Diet to Make Crispy Treats for Your Dog

Most prescription diets come in a canned as well as dry form, and most of them are of "loaf" consistency. This means that they're not dripping wet but rather that they come out of the can in a loaf or can be spooned out.

Making crispy treats from canned food might be a better option than treats from the store even for dogs that aren't on a strict diet.


These types of canned foods lend themselves well toward being made into crispy treats. Here's how:

Check with your veterinarian if your dog is on a strict diet for a medical reason to see whether there is a canned version of the diet from which you may make crispy treats.

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