Why Do Dogs Snore?

Learn why dogs snore and how you can stop it.

You're having a particularly nice dream, snoozing away, when you're suddenly jolted awake by the sound of a train bearing down on you. You look around wildly, heart pounding, and realize the sound is just your dog, snoring loudly at the foot of your bed.

You wrap your pillow around your ears and try to go back to sleep, but you're still awake when your alarm goes off.

What Causes Snoring in Dogs?

Snoring is caused by an interference with the air flow in the nasal passages or throat while a dog is sleeping. There are many reasons this could occur. Below are the most common ones.

What Can You Do About Your Dog's Snoring?

First, if your dog's snoring is something new, visit your veterinarian. He or she can check for respiratory infection or allergy and offer treatment if they are found.

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