How to Teach a Dog to Wave

Learn about teaching a dog the wave trick.

Many people have fun teaching their dog fun tricks. Some of the most popular ones are: speak, shake, and play dead. A lesser-known but equally amusing trick that dogs can learn is to wave at people.

Not only that, but you can also teach your dog to wave at people as an alternative to jumping on them as a greeting.

What Does a Dog Wave Look Like?

A dog that waves is sitting down and lifting one front paw into the air to about shoulder level or higher. Before your dog can learn to wave, she must know how to sit reliably. Learn how to teach that here: "How to Teach Your Dog to Sit."

Additionally, a dog that already knows how to shake may be easier to teach how to wave.

Steps for Teaching a Dog to Wave

Here are the steps for teaching the wave command. Remember, stay positive and reward for the behavior you want rather than punishing anything you don't want.

Remember to end each short training session on a positive note, even if you must back up in your training to be able to reward her.

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