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Dog health and behavior problems? is here to help you provide the best care for your dog. We here at Dog Health want to provide you information on how you can help prevent disease, deal with problem behaviors, learn how to positively train your dog, and most important, help you give your dog a healthy, happy life.

Covering issues such as dog diseases, arthritis, dog care, dog training, dog grooming, dog behavior, and just plain how to have fun and play with your dog, will help you answer your dog questions.

Important: if your dog is sick, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian immediately! Your vet is skilled at properly caring for your dog. is not a replacement for care by a veterinarian. It is only a resource for you to learn more about your dog's health.

Most Common Canine Tumors

most_common_canine_tumorsMore than half of dogs over 10 years of age are likely to develop cancer in their lifetime. Cancerous tumors are masses of tissue that result when cells divide more rapidly than normal, or do not die when they should. Because tumors can develop from any tissue, there are many types of tumors that can occur in a variety of locations. Knowing more about tumor types, and their possible locations, can help you monitor your dog and catch possible cancers early, which may help treat the disease before it gets out of control. Early detection is key, so you should always contact your veterinarian if you find a new mass or swelling on your dog.



What is your dog's favorite thing to chase?

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Kong Zoom Groom Dog Product Name:

Kong Zoom Groom Dog


The Kong Zoom Groom for dogs is like a magnet for pet hair and can be used during bathes too! The Kong Zoom Groom brush for dogs works on both long and short hair. The soft rubber bristles massage skin to promote healthy hair growth while also acting as a magnet for loose fur. It's an easy to grip brush with soft rubber bristles to promote a healthy skin and coat. It can also be used as a bathing tool.

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If you cannot easily feel your dogs ribs (or feel them at all) while petting your dog then he or she may be overweight.