How to Apply Topical Flea Medications to Dogs

Learn the technique for applying flea medication to dogs.

Many flea and tick preventatives for dogs come in topical form. That means that you will need to apply the liquid to your dog's skin periodically, usually once a month.

Below is the technique to follow when applying these types of medications to your dog.

Never apply any medication to your dog, even a topical one, unless it was prescribed or recommended by your veterinarian. Never use a dog formulation on a cat.

Steps for Applying Topical Medications to Your Dog

When you are putting a topical liquid medication on your dog, these are the general steps to follow and things to keep in mind:

If you are still not confident about applying the medication, you can ask your veterinarian's office if you could bring a dose in with your pet and be shown how to do it by a staff member.

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