Signs of Yeast Infections in Dogs

Learn about canine yeast infections.

A yeast infection is an uncomfortable, stinky condition that affects dogs' skin. Yeast organisms are fungus, and they live on the skin all the time. However, when something disrupts the normal function of the skin, the yeast can overgrow, and that's when the trouble starts. Malassezia species are the most common yeast type to cause skin infections in dogs.

Signs of Canine Yeast Infections

Signs that your dog might be suffering from a yeast infection include:

Treatment of Yeast Infections in Dogs

Treatment of your dog's yeast infection relies on proper diagnosis. Your veterinarian might do an ear cytology, skin cytology, skin culture, ear culture, skin scraping, or other testing to determine what is going on. If an abundance of yeast is found on some of these tests without other pathogens, a yeast infection will probably be diagnosed.

Then, the treatment will depend on the severity of the infection and where on the body it is located. Treatments might include:

Remember, there is often an underlying condition allowing or triggering the overgrowth of yeast on a dog's skin that becomes a yeast infection. Some of these conditions include:

The underlying cause of the yeast infection needs to be diagnosed and treated along with the infection itself to ensure it goes away and stays gone.

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