First Aid for a Dog with a Broken Bone

Dogs need help when they break a bone.

If your dog ever suffers from a broken bone, he will be in a lot of pain. Here, you can learn some things you can do immediately to stabilize the situation until you can get your dog to a veterinarian.

Signs of Broken Bones in Dogs

If your dog breaks a bone, you may not always be aware of it. If you weren't with your dog when the injury occurred, you might see some or all of the following signs indicating a broken bone:

What to Do If Your Dog Breaks a Bone

Be aware that your dog will be in pain and feeling scared. Even a dog that is typically sweet and would never bite you may bite due to these circumstances. Be cautious when approaching a dog with a broken bone.

To learn about other situations that occur in dogs and the aid you can render, check out: "First Aid for Dogs: An Overview."

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