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Why Do Some Dogs Always Act Like They're Starving?

Why do dogs love food so much.

Have you ever been around a dog that can never seem to get enough food? Maybe you can't trust him around the garbage can and have to keep the counters cleared off at all times. Or perhaps he's always hanging around the treat jar, giving you puppy dog eyes and whining. Maybe he barks at you the second he eats the last piece of kibble in his bowl, demanding that you fill it up.

Why do some dogs always seem to be starving?

Dogs Have Learned to Scavenge

Some researchers feel that dogs are always after food because their wild ancestors had to be. Evolution beside humans has removed the need for most dogs to worry about starving. But they may still carry inherent instincts to eat everything they can whenever they can because food could be scarce in the next instant.

As dogs became domesticated and in all the years since then, they have learned how to read humans' body language. They know to avoid angry people and can even act guilty to appease those who are upset.

But dogs have also learned how to use their body language to get things from humans. They are experts at using their facial, tail, and body expressions to wheedle treats and extra food out of us. They've even evolved two extra muscles in their faces that help them create more expressions with their eyes that can "talk" people into feeling sorry for them.

Medical Conditions Can Cause a Dog to Be Hungry

Being hungry all the time may not be a simple behavior in every instance. Some dogs have a medical condition that makes them feel extra hungry. Some of those conditions can include diabetes, Cushing's disease, and hypothyroidism.

So, if your dog suddenly starts acting hungrier than he did before or begins trying to get people food, garbage, or eat non-food items when he never did previously, a medical problem could be the culprit. Any change in behavior, including an apparent increase in hunger, should be a warning bell to a dog owner, who then needs to call their vet for an appointment right away.

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