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Should Your Dog Be Allowed on the Furniture?

Learn whether dogs should be allowed on furniture.

It's a commonly held idea that you if you let your dog on the furniture, you're telling her that she can do whatever she wants. Soon, she'll have the run of the place with no rules, and you will be her servant.

But is that true? Actually, most dogs can be allowed on the furniture and still behave just fine.

Why Do Dogs Like Being on the Furniture?

Dogs are pack animals, and, when they live with humans, the family is their pack. So, naturally, your dog wants to cuddle up and hang out with you.

Luckily, most dogs can be allowed to get on the furniture. The key is to maintain regular training sessions, so they know how to behave. Useful commands to practice routinely include sit, stay, watch, come, and look.

Additionally, you should be able to order your dog off the furniture at any time and have him obey and stay down until you invite him back again. That may take regular training sessions as well, using treats to teach him to get up and down only when you allow it.

Dogs That Shouldn't Be Allowed on Furniture

There are some situations in which allowing your dog onto the furniture is a bad idea. One is if the dog shows any aggression at all for other people or animals approaching while he is cuddling with you. That could indicate that he's feeling territorial about furniture, so he shouldn't be allowed up there.

If your dog shows aggression while on the furniture, don't allow him on it, and check with your veterinarian because that aggression may extend to other circumstances.

Another situation in which you should consider keeping your dog off the furniture is when someone in your home is allergic to dogs. Some cases of allergies require the person to live dog-free. However, some allergic people can live with a dog with certain modifications. Those include that their sleeping area is kept free of dog hair and the furniture is kept free of dogs. You can learn more about dog allergic people living with dogs here: "Dogs and Allergies: Living with a Dog When You're Allergic."

Of course, not everyone wants to have dogs on their furniture, and that's totally fine. A dog can be trained to stay off furniture with a plan, some patience, and the use of positive reinforcement. You can learn how here: "How to Keep Your Dog Off Furniture."

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