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The Boston Terrier

Boston terriers are small dogs with big dog personalities.

Boston terriers are small and sweet. They're a popular dog breed in America, especially for those who want a little dog with short hair and a good attitude.

At, we support rescuing and adopting dogs. If you think a Boston terrier may be right for your family, we urge you to look for one in a shelter or check local breed-specific rescue groups.

Boston Terrier Personality

The Boston terrier is an American breed, and they tend to be good-natured little dogs that love participating in whatever their family members are doing. That can be anything from lying on the couch watching a movie to going for a hike.

Note: The information in this article is general only and may not apply to individual dogs.

Bostons are usually friendly and energetic, but they know how to chill out and cuddle too. They're smart and eager, so it's fun to teach them tricks or have them participate in agility work. They're usually easy to house-train too, and they're not prone to being yappy.

Health Issues Common in Boston Terriers

Boston terriers are a small breed (between 10 and 25 pounds) but rather sturdily built, especially when compared to toy breeds like Chihuahuas and Yorkies.

A Boston's teeth may need more attention than some other breeds since they do have a short snout. Regular tooth-brushings are a must, as is making sure the vet checks the teeth at every visit.

Because they have short faces (are brachycephalic), Bostons may snuffle, snort, and snore a lot. Some have breathing problems that require surgery to fix.

Bostons are usually fantastic family dogs that like other dogs, kids, and cats. They're mostly easy to care for, smart, and funny.

Boston terriers are prone to luxating patella, which is a knee problem that may require surgery.

All kinds of eye problems, including cataracts at a young age, are common in Bostons.

Deafness in one or both ears is more common in Bostons than other breeds.

General Care for Boston Terriers

Bostons don't shed much, and they don't require much in the way of grooming. Just regular nail trims and tooth-brushing, possibly with occasional ear cleaning, should do just fine.

Like all dogs, Bostons need to see the vet routinely for check-ups, lab work, and preventatives.

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