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Mutts: Mixed Breed Dogs and Why They're Great - Slideshow

Mixed breed dogs have great characteristics.

Mutts: Mixed Breed Dogs and Why They're Great

Mutts, mixed breeds, mongrels. All of these words mean the same thing; dogs that are not purebred. Why should you consider a mutt if you're planning on a new dog? Here are some great reasons to think about a mixed breed instead of a purebred dog.

Mixed breed dogs may be healthier than purebreds.

Mixed Breed Dogs Are Less Likely to Have Certain Genetic Disorders.

Many genetic diseases are autosomal recessive. This means that an animal has to receive two sets of the gene responsible for the illness in order to develop it. A mutt is less likely to receive two sets than a dog with purebred parents. Over time, this can also lead to a dilution of such genetic disorders in the dog population in general.

Mixed breed dogs are cheaper to acquire.

Mixed Breed Dogs Are Less Expensive.

While all dogs need certain care such as spay or neuter surgery, vaccines, food, toys, and preventative care, the initial cost to acquire a mixed breed dog is generally much less than that of buying a purebred. In fact, adopting a mixed breed dog from a shelter will often save you some of the vaccine and neuter surgery costs because those things have often already been done.

Don't bring fleas and ticks home from the dog park.

Mutts Can Have Less Intense Breed-Specific Characteristics.

Certain breeds are known for particular qualities, and those can be amplified to the point of being a bit negative in some individual animals. While adopting a mixed breed dog doesn't guarantee that he won't have any of these, it is likely that they will be muted when more interbreeding has occurred.

Mixed breed dogs have unique qualities.

Adopting a Mutt Can Provide You with a Dog That Is More Unique.

Purebred dogs are bred to meet a certain physical and temperamental standard. Because of this, your mixed breed dog may be more unique than a member of a particular breed. In other words, your mutt will stand out in a canine crowd!

Mixed breeds can be more flexible.

Mutts May be More Flexible.

Because of the fact that purebred dogs have been bred to amplify certain physical and behavioral traits, they may be a bit rigid in their personality types. Some have been honed to be the best hunting dogs they can be. Others are herding dogs by nature. These dogs may feel driven to perform their jobs all the time. Mixed breed dogs can be a bit more laid-back and willing to participate in whatever is going on in the home, rather than searching out a particular job to do.

DNA testing is available for dogs.

But What If You Want to Know the Breeds That Make up Your Mutt?

Not to worry! Science has provided us with a way to find out which breeds contributed to the wonderful hodge-podge that is your sweet pooch. DNA tests for mixed breed dogs are available, easy, and affordable.

Adopting a dog is saving a life.

Mixed Breeds Are More Available.

If you're looking for a new dog, you may search far and wide for a breeder who produces quality canines in the breed that holds your interest. However, mutts are available as close as your local shelter. In fact, mixed breed dogs make up about 75% of shelter dogs. You can look for a dog that meets your size, hair coat, and personality requirements. You will also be saving a life.

Mixed breed dogs can participate in some shows.

What About Shows and Service?

You may want a purebred dog so you can participate in dog show events. The great news is that there are more and more canine events that allow the entrance of mixed breed dogs. Not only are many agility shows open to mutts, but there are starting to be more mixed breed dog shows as well. Also, most organizations that train service and therapy dogs are now open to training mixed breed dogs, too.

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