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Is Your Dog Actually Your Boss?

How can you tell if your dog’s in charge?

Having a dog living in your home can improve your quality of life. They're fun, joyful, and help keep their humans healthier in many ways.

But have you ever suspected that you might have lost your status as the boss in your home? Does your dog run the show?

Look at these indications that your dog might have become your boss. Just remember that this is all in fun.

You Lost Your Pillow to Your Dog

Some research indicates that sleeping with your dog is a bad idea, while other researchers suggest it's excellent for your health and well-being to sleep with a pet.

However, if you're relegated to one inch of bed space on the edge while your dog takes up the rest of the bed, including your pillow, you may be owned by your dog.

Your Dog Has Better Clothes Than You

Some dogs need sweaters and boots to keep them warm in cold weather. And bows help keep long fur out of some small dogs' eyes.

But if a whole closet in your home is devoted to your dog's name brand clothes while you're wearing pajamas to the grocery store, your dog may wear the pants in your home.

You Buy Toys Before Food

When a paycheck comes in, everyone parcels out the funds to pay for what they need that week. Of course, dog food and human food need to be on the list, and dogs need a variety of toys to keep them active and happy. But if you find yourself buying more dog toys than vegetables, your dog may be the boss at your house.

Remember, this article is all in fun. At, we're totally owned by our canine companions!

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