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Essential Oil Tips for Dog Owners

Learn about using essential oils around dogs.

The popularity of using essential oils in the home has surged in recent years. Along with it, reports of adverse events have risen. If you have a dog in your home and you use essential oils, keep these tips in mind.

Dogs Have a Greater Sense of Smell Than Humans

Don't forget that your dog can smell things up to 40 times more strongly than you can. So, if you're diffusing essential oil, remember how strong it can smell to your dog. That can be pretty irritating—just imagine how you feel if you're trapped near a co-worker who's wearing heavy cologne or perfume. If you use essential oils in your home, make sure your dog (and other pets) always have an escape route from the room so they can get out if they don't like it.

Don't Use Essential Oils Directly on Your Dog

Essential oils are highly concentrated substances, and they shouldn't be used directly on your dog's skin and never given orally. Some products made for pets contain essential oils, but they are heavily diluted.

Keep essential oil bottles out of reach of your dog, too, because if he's drawn to the scent and ingests some, he could suffer serious and even life-threatening problems.

When oils are applied topically, they are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and metabolized by the liver. With some essential oils, this is toxic. With others, it can cause hardship to the liver, including in dogs with medical conditions and those that are very young or elderly.

Keep Liquid Potpourri Away from Your Dog

Liquid potpourri for simmering pots is dangerous for dogs, who might try to lick it or could knock it over and be burned or ingest the substance while trying to lick it off the fur.

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