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Can Dogs Eat Fish?

Learn whether dogs can eat fish.

Dog owners often like to give their pets a little something from their dinner plate. If that's something you like to do, be sure you know whether what's on your plate is safe for dogs to consume.

Take a look at our slideshow article, "Foods Toxic to Dogs," to learn about some common human foods that dogs definitely shouldn't have. The list includes xylitol, chocolate, and grapes and raisins.

Is Fish OK for Dogs to Eat?

In general, fish is safe for dogs to consume in small amounts. Of course, fish might not agree with certain individuals, and some dog s may even be allergic to it.

In addition, fish bones are a choking hazard for dogs, so any fish fed should be inspected carefully for the presence of any small bones. Also, raw fish may contain harmful bacteria that can sicken your dog.

Remember, feeding your dog human food might trigger or worsen begging behavior. You can decrease the chances of this by using some of the tips in this article, "Begging Behavior in Dogs."

The omega fatty acids in fish can be great for dogs. Check with your veterinarian as to whether feeding fish routinely is a good idea for your particular pet or whether a specially-formulated Omega fatty acid supplement is more appropriate.

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