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Necessary Pet Cleaning Supplies for Dogs

Find a list of cleaning supplies here to more easily deal with pet messes.

If you have a dog, you will occasionally have a mess to clean up. Having the right supplies on hand before the need arises leads to easier cleanup and less stress when the unexpected occurs. Here, we have collected a list of items you'll need to simplify any pet clean-up project.

Cleaning Supplies for Dog Messes

Depending on the types of surfaces in your home, you might need some or all of these cleaning supplies throughout your dog's life:

  • Paper towels are your first line clean-up tool for many pet messes. Urine, vomit, stool, and other spills need to be soaked up as much as possible before further cleaning is done, and good paper towels are perfect for this step.
  • General spray cleaner is always good to have around, and on certain surfaces, with new messes, using some spray and paper towel might be all you need.
  • Dish soap is great to have on hand for many types of pet messes. It's made to cut grease, so adding a bit to some warm water can clean up a lot of things while also killing germs.
  • Baking soda is a great odor fighter, and it is also a mild abrasive, so it can be made into a paste to scrub certain surfaces or sprinkled on upholstery or carpet to soak up odors.
  • Vinegar mixed with water is a great cleaner and can help keep many stains from setting. Be sure to test your surface in an inconspicuous area first.
  • Enzymatic pet cleaner is a must to have around when you have dogs. If you don't notice a stain right away and it becomes more set, an enzymatic cleaner can help break it down and get rid of it. It also helps remove odors, so dogs aren't tempted to mark over them again.
  • Dog shampoo is a necessity when you have a dog. They may get dirty, muddy, or stinky at any moment, and it's important to have a good, mild, non-medicated dog shampoo ready to go.
  • Absorbent towels can help you clean up lots of pet messes around your home, but they are especially good to keep available by the door, so you can remove any mud, water, or snow from your dog as he re-enters the house.
  • Lint rollers aren't only helpful for keeping dog hair off of your clothes; you can also use them on furniture. Use a lint roller on any furniture your dog sits on daily to keep the fur from getting ground into the upholstery, which will make it much more difficult to remove.

Remember, our canine friends don't mean to make extra work for us by creating messes. Be prepared, so you can handle anything that comes up with a smile and less stress.

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