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How Dog Owners Can Save Money

Learn how you as a dog owner can save money.

Life can be expensive, and most people are always looking for ways to cut back on expenses. If you're a dog owner, you may find some great money-saving tips here.

Visit the Veterinarian Routinely

This might seem counterintuitive because going to the vet costs money. But the truth is that, if you don't get routine check-ups for your dog or keep up with preventative care like vaccines and heartworm preventative, you may very well pay much more in the future.

A veterinarian can often pick up signs of problems early through their physical exam, chatting with you about how things are going at home, and doing routine lab tests. When things are caught early, they can often be treated more effectively and cheaply.

Additionally, preventing conditions like heartworm disease and intestinal parasites is usually cheaper than diagnosing and treating those conditions when the dog contracts them.

Get Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can be a terrific way to lower the cost of dog ownership over time. And the way to get the absolute most bang for your pet insurance buck is to get a policy as early in the life of your dog as possible. That way, you will avoid as many problems being classified as pre-existing conditions as possible. Learn more: "Pet Insurance = Peace of Mind."

Make Your Own Dog Treats

Making dog treats at home can be fun, save money, and have the added benefit of allowing you to control the ingredients and calories. Of course, you must be careful to include only ingredients that are safe for dogs, so first familiarize yourself with human foods that are dangerous for dogs: "Foods Toxic to Dogs."

If you're ever uncertain about an ingredient, check with your veterinarian. And remember, treats should only be a small part of your dog's diet. If you give too many, your dog may get too many calories and not enough crucial vitamins and other components present in balanced dog food.

Here are some articles you can explore to learn more, including some with recipes:

Invest in Heavy-Duty Dog Toys

Does your dog go through expensive toys too fast by tearing them up and turning them into trash? Not only is that potentially dangerous because your dog could ingest toy pieces that may choke him or result in intestinal obstruction, but it is also costly.

Save money by investing in good quality, tough dog toys that are more resistant to being torn apart. Here are some we love:

Brush Your Dog's Teeth Daily

Maintaining good dental health in your dog can save you lots of money in the long run. Not doing so can lead to periodontal disease, loose and broken teeth, tooth root abscesses that require emergency dental work, and pain. All of those things can be costly to treat.

In addition to that, the bacteria that live in a dog's mouth get swallowed, and they can wreak havoc on a dog's internal health, especially the heart valves.

Learn more about taking care of your dog's teeth so you can save money in the long run, here: "Home Dental Care for Dogs."

Trim Nails and Bathe Your Dog at Home

All dogs need some routine grooming. Some require their fur to be trimmed every six weeks or so. But others only need regular nail trimming, weekly brushing, and an occasional bath. If your dog falls into the latter category, you can save money by doing routine grooming at home. Doing so may require getting your dog used to having his nails trimmed and being given a bath. You can learn more about how to do those things in the following articles:

Exercise Your Dog Daily

Exercising every day helps keep your dog both physically and mentally healthy, and that can decrease all kinds of problems that may otherwise cost you money.

Obesity is a big problem in dogs, and it increases medical bills for heart disease, joint problems, diabetes mellitus, and other problems. Also, lack of exercise can lead to or add to behavior problems like destruction of items in the home and inappropriate elimination. Those issues can cost a lot of money.

Not only that but exercising with your dog every day can also help improve the owner's mental and physical health. Put that together with the saved money, and it's a win-win situation.

Do you have tips for saving money as a dog owner? Share them with us in the comments!

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