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How to Make Your Dog Walks More Fun

Learn how you can make walking with your dog more fun than ever.

Daily dog walking is necessary for the physical and mental health of your dog. It helps your dog stay at a good weight and fights boredom. It's a good bonding activity for the two of you and boosts your mental and physical health too.

But what if you find yourself getting bored during walks with your dog? Don't worry. There are lots of ways to make your daily forays more fun—for both you and your dog. Here are some ideas.

Take Different Routes

Did you know that it's good for your brain to take different travel routes for your regular commutes? It's true! Taking different ways is stimulating, helps you pay more attention to your surroundings, and keeps things from getting boring. You should do this on your dog walking trips too.

Try making four to ten different routes you can take for your average dog walk and then varying which one you choose.

Hit the Local Dog Park

If your area has a dog park and your dog is good with other canines, put the park on your weekly list of dog walking destinations. Just make sure your pooch is up to date on vaccinations and other preventatives.

Stop at a Dog-Friendly Café

Does your town have an establishment that allows dogs on the patio? If so, and if your dog is good with other dogs and people, why not stop by during some of your walks? Your dog will love the new sights and sounds, and you may strike up a conversation and make a new friend too.

Incorporate Dog Training into Your Walks

While you're on your daily dog walks, you can bring some yummy dog treats and do some training. You can work on sit, stay, heel, and look.

Set Goals for Time and Distance

You can make dog walking time more fun by getting competitive with yourself. Set goals for distance and time and then try to break them. You can use a walking app on your phone or smartwatch to help.

Invite Friends

Nothing makes things more fun than doing them with a friend. And that includes dog walking. You can invite friends who also have dogs or those who don't. Make it a standing date or an occasional thing.

Make Sure You're Allowing Sniff Breaks

Dogs learn so much from sniffing. They can tell what other dogs have been in the same spot and lots of personal information about those canines. Be sure you're letting your dog take a few minutes to sniff periodically. That will make walks a lot more exciting and satisfying for your pup.

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