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Irish Dog Names

Find some Irish dog names for your lucky pup.

Irish names are becoming ever more popular for kids and pets. If you're looking for a name that's Irish or has to do with Ireland for your new dog, we have some ideas for you. Not only that, but we've provided some ideas of ways to tweak some of them to make them even more doggie darling.

Male Irish Dog Names

Here are some male Irish names and ways to give them a canine twist:

Irish Name Pronunciation Canine Flair
Aengus eng-iss Fangus
Clover clove-er Clover isn't Irish, but it's associated with Ireland in people's minds, and it's cute.

Conry con-ree Meaning "king of hounds," this is a fun dog name.
Dagda dawg-duh Dogda
Grania graw-nya Growlnia
Guinness Gih-niss Guinness is a strong-sounding name for a male dog, and it reminds everyone of a favored Irish drink.
Lucky Charm luck-ee char-m This one isn't Irish, but it makes us think of Ireland.
Rogan row-gun Rogan means "redhead," so it would be adorable for a red dog.

Female Irish Dog Names

Here are some female Irish names and ways to give them a canine twist:

Irish Name Pronunciation Canine Flair
Colleen caw-leen Claween
Claddagh klah-duh Clawdagh
Darcy dar-cee Darcy means dark-haired one, and is a great name for a darkly colored dog.
Emerald em-er-uld Emerald is a beautiful green color associated with the gorgeous scenery in Ireland.
Fiona fee-oh-nuh Furona
Roison ro-sheen Ruffson

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