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Nuclear Sclerosis in Dogs

Nuclear sclerosis is a hardening of the lenses in a dog’s eyes.

Nuclear sclerosis, also called lenticular sclerosis, is a condition in dogs in which a bluish-gray haze develops on the lenses of the eyes. It's common in middle-aged to older dogs.

What Is Nuclear Sclerosis in Dogs?

Nuclear sclerosis is a normal age-related change in dogs' eyes. It is usually bilateral, which means that both eyes develop it.

It's not understood with certainty what causes nuclear sclerosis, but it seems to be the result of gradual hardening of the lens over time.

Is Nuclear Sclerosis the Same as Cataracts?

Nuclear sclerosis and senile cataracts in dogs are two different things. While nuclear sclerosis involves the hardening of lens fibers, cataracts involve their degeneration.

Nuclear sclerosis does not seem to negatively affect a dog's vision, while cataracts do.

If you see a milky haze in your dog's eyes, visit your veterinarian. The doctor will be able to tell the difference between the two conditions by examining the eye with an ophthalmoscope.

Treatment of Nuclear Sclerosis in Dogs

There is no treatment for nuclear sclerosis in dogs. However, while nuclear sclerosis doesn't cause cataracts, many dogs with lenticular (nuclear) sclerosis do go on to develop cataracts, which may sometimes be treated surgically. So, a dog that is diagnosed with lenticular sclerosis should be monitored regularly for the development of cataracts.

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