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Blind Quiet Eye in Dogs

Blind quiet eye is blindness without inflammation.

Blind quiet eye means a dog has lost the ability to see out of one or both eyes without any eye inflammation.

Signs of Blind Quiet Eye in Dogs

The signs of this condition are signs of blindness, either partial or complete, and include:

  • Bumping into things
  • Reluctance to move around
  • Trouble seeing in dim light
  • Depth perception problems

Causes of Blind Quiet Eye

The causes of this condition are many and include:

  • Problems with the optic nerve, including cancer and trauma
  • Loss of focusing ability of the lens
  • Luxated lens
  • Sudden acquired retinal degeneration (SARDs)
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Retinal detachment
  • Problems in the brain where sight is processed
  • Cataracts

Diagnosis of Blind Quiet Eye in Dogs

When someone reports that their dog seems to be having trouble seeing, a veterinarian will examine the eye. If cataracts are present, those will be visible when the doctor looks at the eye through an ophthalmoscope. Retinal issues may also be apparent on exam.

Blood work may show high blood sugar in cases of cataracts due to diabetes.

A veterinary ophthalmology specialist may need to be consulted to get the condition properly diagnosed.

Treatment of Blind Quiet Eye in Dogs

The treatment of this condition depends on the cause. Many do not have a treatment, including progressive retinal atrophy and optic nerve degeneration. Surgery may be necessary to remove cataracts.

Learn how to help your dog if he is blind: "How to Care for a Blind Dog."

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