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How to Teach Your Dog to Go Potty When It's Raining

Some dogs hate going potty in the rain.

Do you have a dog that refuses to go out and potty when it's raining or cold? This is a common thing to hear from dog owners, and it can mean accidents in the house or lots of extra time spent trying to coax a reluctant dog to head out. Luckily, you can help your dog learn to go outside in all weather and finish up quickly.

First, Teach Your Dog a Potty Command

The first thing you'll want to do is teach your dog a word or short phrase that lets her know it's time to go potty. If you're housetraining a puppy, you can integrate that teaching right into your dog's earliest training. But you can still introduce a phrase even if your dog is already housetrained.

When you see your dog begin to get into a potty position, quickly say the word or phrase once. Then, as your dog is relieving herself, give her a treat and some calm praise. Repeat this every time you see your dog begin to squat or lift a back leg.

Over time, your dog will associate the word or phrase with going potty, and then you'll be able to start using it as a command. Just keep the phrase short, so it's easy for you to say and for your dog to understand. Some ideas include "go quick," "go potty," or "hurry, hurry."

Begin to Delay the Reward

Once your dog seems to have made the connection between your command and what it means, begin to delay the reward until after she goes. Make sure the reward is something your dog really likes. It could be praise, yummy treats, a quick game of fetch, or giving her a puzzle toy to play with.

One thing to remember is that some dogs learn not to go right away when they get outside because their owner has actually taught them that. If you give your dog lots of attention and play, then she goes potty, and you abruptly end the game and attention to take her inside and move on to something else, she might learn to delay going because she doesn't want the attention to end. Instead, avoid playing with or interacting overly much with your dog until after she relieves herself. Then, give her some praise and play time before going in. This will teach your dog to go as quickly as possible once she is outside, to get to the play and attention part.

Try Dog Clothes

For some dogs that are averse to poor weather conditions, giving them some appropriate clothing can help them go outside and do their business. Sweaters, raincoats, and boots for dogs can all help protect from poor weather conditions.

Go With Your Dog

Get your weather appropriate clothes on, too, and go outside with your dog. That will help her feel better about the conditions and be more inclined to go out and do what she needs to do.

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