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Puppy Nipping: Don't Do These Things to Stop It

Three things not to do to curb puppy biting.

Getting a new puppy is a fantastic time for an individual or family. They're so sweet, funny, and adorable that some of the mishaps they cause are easy to overlook. But one thing can get a bit difficult with puppies—the biting.

Puppies have amazingly sharp little teeth, and it can seem like they're continually grabbing your fingers, ankles, arms, and even, sometimes, your face. There's a lot of advice out there about how to stop puppy nipping (you can find ours here: "Puppy Nipping Behavior.") Now, here's a look at what we think you should avoid doing while training your puppy not to nip.

Don't Run and Squeal

When your puppy bites you, do your best not to have a big, over-the-top reaction to it. Don't run or squeal. You can make a loud "ow" noise or exhibit a real pain reaction, but running and squealing will probably excite your pup and make her want to chase and bite you more. Try to stay calm and don't flap around too much.

Don't Say "No" without an Alternative "Yes"

Every time you remove your skin from your pup's teeth and say no, you should give her something appropriate to grab with her mouth and praise her for doing it. Every time, without exception, if you can manage it. Not only that, but everyone who handles the puppy should be on the same page about that. It means everyone will always have to carry appropriate puppy chew toys in their pockets.

Don't Overdo the Rough Play

When you're roughhousing with your puppy, always use a toy between your hand and her mouth. Don't use your hands to do it because that encourages her to grab and bite them. Also, end the game before your puppy gets too excited and can't focus enough to control her biting.

Remember, all puppies learn at different paces, so stay consistent and patient, and your sweetie will learn to inhibit her bite.

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