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Why Does Your Dog Follow You to the Bathroom?

Why do dogs follow people into the bathroom?

It's a funny quirk that many dogs have. You get up to head to the bathroom, and your dog is right behind you. Or maybe you get into the bathroom, pushing the door mostly closed behind you, only to watch it be nudged open a few minutes later, so a furry head can poke in.

Did you ever wonder why your dog feels the need to follow you to the bathroom?

Dogs Are Pack Animals

Dogs live in packs, and they feel lonely and a bit vulnerable when they're alone. If you're in the house, your dog wants to be with you.

Dogs Are Curious

It's likely that your dog doesn't like it when anything happens in his home that he isn't part of. Again, this has to do with him being pack-oriented, but it's also just plain curiosity. Life can be a bit boring sometimes for a dog that mostly stays home and has a pretty steady routine, so he naturally wants to be part of any activity that is going on, even a human bathroom trip.

Dogs Don't Understand "Alone Time"

Again, it's a pack thing. Dogs are constantly doing things with others in their pack; hunting, patrolling, eating, and playing. So he doesn't really have an idea of what alone time is or why you would want some.

He thinks he's keeping you company in the bathroom, and he's also staying close in case you need him while you're in there.

Your Dog Might Be Guarding You

Your dog might follow you to the bathroom because he knows you'll be occupied in there, and he wants to make sure you're safe. After all, you'd have a hard time dealing with an intruder while you're handling things in there, so he's selflessly stepping in to be your bodyguard.

Can You Ever Go to the Bathroom Solo Again?

If you'd like to try and keep your dog from following you into the bathroom, you can try giving him something to keep him occupied while you're in there.

Try a puzzle toy like the Kong Blue, which you can stuff with healthy treats that your dog will have to focus on and work at a bit to release.

Now, why your cat, kid, or husband follow you to the bathroom might be different.

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